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Niall Walsh,

Leading KNX Partner, KNX Tutor/Designer at KNX TECH, President KNX Ireland.

KNX TECH is a specialist KNX Distribution & Training supporting KNX Integrators, end-users and specifiers.

Konnect Resource

Konnect Resource provides training that will give you a solid base level of knowledge in which KNX professionals can develop their skills with confidence. By training with us you will become a qualified KNX Partner, an industry necessity to provide KNX solutions in the market place.

Konnect Resource programs are delivered by industry professionals trained in both onsite installation and educational development allowing you to develop your new skills to the highest standard.


Technology solutions for hotels, residential and commercial buildings.

15-year history committed to the design and production of KNX products for the real estate sector has placed us as one of the most innovative manufacturers internationally.

  • We are more than 250 people
  • More than 250 KNX and CE certified products
  • More than 700,000 installed products
  • More than 10,000 executed projects
  • We are present in 117 countries


Presence detectors, actuators and much more for the KNX building system control

Are you looking for a KNX presence detector for presence-dependent lighting control or a KNX multifunction display for visualizing your building system control? In addition to various roller shutter, blind, heating or dimming actuators, KNX weather stations and KNX time switches, you will also find all the other important KNX components for energy-efficient building system control at Theben. Our MIX series actuators offer you a wide range of options for coupling basic devices such as the RMG 8 S KNX actuator with various expansion devices. Actuators and other KNX components for building system control.


Building Control GAMMA instabus

New buildings must satisfy an abundance of requirements: they must be attractively designed, functional and economical in everyday use. They must allow flexible use of space and be adaptable to the wishes of individual tenants. The lighting and indoor atmosphere must merge convenience with energy efficiency, and people and assets must be adequately protected against hazards and damage. Today, all these requirements can be met thanks to GAMMA instabus. GAMMA instabus building control offers intelligent solutions and products that help you achieve higher energy efficiency, improved comfort and a healthy environment for the well-being of all building users.

Schneider Merten

Merten System M

A range of switches, socket-outlets and boxes with unlimited possibilities

Merten System M is a switch range that offers flexibility and a great variety of functions, comfort, efficiency, and is the ideal solution for all living spaces.



Steinel KNX sensors are the “sensory organs” in modern building automation.

We are not just a partner for KNX, but also for planners, architects and electrical fitters. With them, we seek dialogue for ideas and suggestions from practical experience. Our service covers a comprehensive portfolio ranging from planning assistance, providing data to answering day-to-day questions. Let our sensors and technologies convince you.


SATEL KNX devices will open up for you even more possibilities in the implementation of smart building functions. They will allow you to easily control, for example, lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, roller shutters/blinds, multimedia and even garden watering. KNX devices communicate with each other, so they can work together as parts of one system – or, if the need arises, carry out their tasks autonomously.


We develop and produce in Germany future-proof KNX technology for smart building automation.

A home that reacts individually to your needs and switches on the light or moves the shade for you completely automatically is what we call a smart home. This is made possible by installing a future-proof KNX system, which connects all of the devices and components together via a bus line. Find out what you could do with KNX now! more

Performance, reliability and innovation

At MDT, we live KNX. You will sense this in our innovative products, which are always designed to bring added value to your projects, and also in our committed support. We have tips and tricks from our support colleagues for you, and naturally, we have provided all of the documents that you need for your project in a clearly-arranged format. However, if you have any further questions about our products, the support team would be happy to offer their expert assistance. The professional area includes everything that you need – from KNXperts for KNXperts.


JUNG’s KNX solutions for smart homes, hospitality settings and high-end commercial developments are designed to be highly functional and easy to operate. JUNG components offer total comfort for users, greater economy and energy efficiency for the owner of the building – a perfect combination of form and function.


The I-Luxus brand sets the future design of building management systems.

I-Luxus GmbH is a young company based in Germany. With 15-20 years in the building automation market.

Intelligent Luxury Building Solutions.


Smart Security, Smart Building, Smart Home and Smart Medical Care.

Based on the big data, cloud service and AI technology, GVS aims to provide its valuable customer with “one-stop IoT technology platform” and building automation, home automation, smart intercom products and services. With “Connect the world and create value” as its obligation, GVS now is focusing on “innovate to improve our life” and going to cast itself into a most valuable smart IoT service provider. 


Faradite is a UK based smart home accessory manufacturer offering a range of stylish and contemporary products for the growing custom install industry. We design beautiful, functional products that stand out for their simplicity and design excellence.


The Basalte Core server is the beating heart of the Basalte Home visualisation, which offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for KNX home automation systems: from light and shade control, multiroom audio, to the native integration of third-party solutions like Philips Hue, door phones, AV hardware and more.

Our core server now also comes in a ‘mini’ version, capable of meeting the needs of luxury homes worldwide, but in a small form factor!


f-tronic has been developing, producing and marketing innovative products for electrical installations since 1990. We are a full-range supplier in 6 product areas: meter cabinets, distributors, industrial housings, sockets, cable fastening systems and fire protection systems. Through the continuous expansion of our range, we offer a wide range of products for the electrical trade.




More convenience, more safety, greater energy savings: the demand for building management systems is constantly growing. Whether it is a single-family home or an office complex, the demand for comfort and versatility in the management of air conditioning, lighting and access control systems is growing. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is becoming more and more important. Greater cost-effectiveness and safety, combined with lower energy consumption can only be obtained from intelligent control and monitoring of all products used


Building technology makes commercial buildings intelligent and residential buildings become “smart homes”.


Gira, Smart technology that understands your way of life.

Switch Electrical Solutions

Switch Distribution is a team of experienced Brand Managers who actively promote, sell and distribute quality solutions to the electrical trade through a network of electrical wholesale outlets nationwide.


Audio-Visual and Smart Home Solutions

BrightAV specialises in the design and installation of the very latest in audio visual technologies from leading manufacturers.

Smarter Living

Lighting Control, LED Lighting, Home Theatre & Integrated Home Entertainment Systems, CCTV, HVAC.

Smarter Living provide a complete solution for your home environment, encompassing control over your home’s lighting (both artificial and natural), temperature (heating, cooling & solar control), entertainment, internet and the list goes on. We don’t employ technology for its own sake. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your home and your enjoyment of it.

Lifestyle Electronics

Specialists in providing great looking, high performance, and integrated digital home entertainment solutions to meet your multi-media audio visual needs.

Lighting and Audio Visual Projects

Andy Bull, Smart Made Simple – Our aim is that you, and your guests/colleagues will not need training on how to use your system – it should be that intuitive.


Progressive Low Voltage electrical distributor and importer for commercial, industrial and domestic markets:


DINUY is a high-end brand developing solutions for Home and Building Automation using KNX and DALI Technologies and is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. DINUY is recognized for its brand values ​​of quality and innovation.


Ekinex automation devices merge traditional crafts and technological innovation. The Ekinex mission is to “simplify life” with devices that facilitate daily operations of homes and public contexts like schools, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. KNX technology that allows centralised management of any system underpins all Ekinex products – a single mechanism to manage lighting, air conditioning, shutters, blinds, and tracking energy and water consumption (cold, hot and sanitary water).

Richford Installations

Richard Comerford is skilled in: Lighting Control, Access Control, Wiring, Building Automation, CCTV, Electricians, Energy Efficiency, Home Automation, Automation, Management, Construction, HVAC Controls, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage, Home Theater.

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“Automated intelligent buildings and smart homes“.

Intelect is Ireland’s leading KNX automated intelligent buildings and smart homes provider.

With over 20 years of experience in KNX, our team have experience on projects of all sizes in different sectors from domestic and commercial to industrial.

We have carried out and worked on some of the largest and most prestigious KNX projects in both Ireland and the UK.