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Niall Walsh,

Leading KNX Partner, KNX Tutor/Designer at KNX TECH, President KNX Ireland.

KNX TECH is a specialist KNX Distribution & Training supporting KNX Integrators, end-users and specifiers.


Audio-Visual and Smart Home Solutions

BrightAV specialises in the design and installation of the very latest in audio visual technologies from leading manufacturers.

Smarter Living

Lighting Control, LED Lighting, Home Theatre & Integrated Home Entertainment Systems, CCTV, HVAC.

Smarter Living provide a complete solution for your home environment, encompassing control over your home’s lighting (both artificial and natural), temperature (heating, cooling & solar control), entertainment, internet and the list goes on. We don’t employ technology for its own sake. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly enhance the aesthetics and comfort of your home and your enjoyment of it.

Lifestyle Electronics

Specialists in providing great looking, high performance, and integrated digital home entertainment solutions to meet your multi-media audio visual needs.

Lighting and Audio Visual Projects

Andy Bull, Smart Made Simple – Our aim is that you, and your guests/colleagues will not need training on how to use your system – it should be that intuitive.

Richford Installations

Richard Comerford is skilled in: Lighting Control, Access Control, Wiring, Building Automation, CCTV, Electricians, Energy Efficiency, Home Automation, Automation, Management, Construction, HVAC Controls, Fire Alarm, Low Voltage, Home Theater.

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“Automated intelligent buildings and smart homes“.

Intelect is Ireland’s leading KNX automated intelligent buildings and smart homes provider.

With over 20 years of experience in KNX, our team have experience on projects of all sizes in different sectors from domestic and commercial to industrial.

We have carried out and worked on some of the largest and most prestigious KNX projects in both Ireland and the UK.